Virgin London Marathon


After putting a lot of thought into whether I was going to do this race I made the final decision on the Tuesday evening and started the Lager Diet carb depletion.

I wanted to experiment with this for later in the year when I am doing the Beachy Head Marathon and this seemed to be the perfect time to try it as I wasn’t in the best of form and felt I had nothing to lose.

The diet involved drinking 2 pints of Lager on the Tuesday evening and then going for a 9 mile run, repeating this on Wednesday and again at Thursday lunch time.

During this time I could only eat chicken, fish and eggs.

By the end of the last run on Thursday I was on my knees and only managed to do 8.2 miles. As soon as I finished the run I could start loading which was tough on the Thursday as I did not feel well, but more than made up for it on the Friday and Saturday.

The race went fairly much as I thought, as I went through halfway in 1.19ish, but was starting to get very tired due to the fact I had not run more than 13 miles for about 8 weeks after catching the flu in late February.

Dave Williamson